Click to go to moviesBodyTalk is an energetic balancing system that works on the bodymind’s innate ability to heal itself. For example, when we cut ourself, the immune system races to the site immediately to fight infection and mend the wound.

With the stresses of our modern lifestyles, our bodies can cease to function at their optimum levels, as communication can break down between various parts of the body.

Trauma, toxins, bacteria, viruses, unexpressed emotions and even genetics can disrupt the sophisticated body links.

Akin to an electrical circuit when a fuse is blown, or an engine with a faulty spark plug, the body’s health can deteriorate, often leading to sickness or disease. BodyTalk’s unique approach focuses on the priority of each individual’s specific needs to determine which connection needs to be re-established and the ‘treatment’ is delivered in a pain-free, non-invasive manner. This makes it completely safe for all ages, without the need for drugs or extraordinary costs.

BodyTalk is a comprehensive healthcare system, covering aspects of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

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My first BodyTalk session was December 13, 2005 and as I write this, it is May 13, 2011. Today was my 40th BodyTalk session. I took Access in 2007. I am a 73 years old bachelor and officially I am...

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